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Colony Creek Men's Golf Association

The CCMGA welcomes all male golf members of The Club at Colony Creek.

The mission of the CCMGA is to:

  • Promote interest in golf among men of all skill levels from beginner to advanced
  • Develop knowledge and appreciation of the rules and etiquette of golf among members
  • Create a social atmosphere for the enjoyment of golf
  • Support membership events of The Club at Colony Creek

CCMGA hosts several golf outings and tournaments throughout the year including:

  • Li-der Cup – A Two Day Event, Ryder Cup Format
  • The Ringer – A Two Day event
  • Two Person and other individual events

CCMGA yearly dues are $25.00

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    New Member Referrals

    Help Us Grow!

    As a valued member of The Club at Colony Creek, you can play an active role in helping The Club grow its membership. By referring new members to The Club, you’re not only contributing to the growth of our community of friends and family, but also to the continued success and longevity of The Club.

    To thank you for each referral that results in membership, The Club offers the existing member a credit equal to one month’s dues as contracted by the new member. * There’s no limit to the number of credits a member can receive, as long as the referral meets the terms listed below!

    How To Refer a Prospective Member:
    To Qualify For the Member Referral Incentive Credit:

    And remember... there is no food and beverage requirement! For more information and for your referrals, please contact:

    Kelsey Norgard
    (361) 576-0018