With Spring in full effect, the weather is becoming almost perfect for a game or two of golf. But Spring also can mean windy conditions that can have a negative impact on your golf game and knowing how to control your trajectory will help improve your game immensely.

As the Head Golf Professional at The Club at Colony Creek, I have a few tips to help the occasional and everyday golfer flight their ball down during windy Spring days.

Using the Trackman 4 Launch Monitor, I can track the difference in trajectory between a normal stock golf shot and one that is used to achieve a lower ball flight. According to Trackman, my launch angle with a 6-iron on a well-struck shot is 16.7 degrees.

When trying to flight the golf ball down for those into the wind shots, the setup is what really counts, as it differs from the typical setup for a normal stock golf shot. The ball position and weight distribution will have a significant impact on the trajectory of the golf ball.

First, you are going to place your hands lower on the golf grip, about 1.5-2” lower than normal. Now that the hands are on in their new position, set up with the ball in it’s normal position. Finally, you will shift 70% of your weight onto your lead leg (leg closest to the target). When your weight moves forward to your lead leg, your spine also moves forward. The ball may not look like it is back in your stance, but it is because your spine position has moved forward.

Now that you have your setup adjusted, you are simply going to make your swing while keeping the weight on your front leg. This is going to abbreviate both your back swing as well as your forward swing forcing the golf ball to launch at a lower angle.

Trackman showed my normal swing with a 6-iron created a launch angle of 16.7 degrees. My setup with my hands lower on the grip and weight forward created a launch angle of 13.8 degrees. This created a noticeable difference in trajectory and gave me more control of the ball flight.

Though you can’t control the weather, you can control your shot. I provide lessons at The Club at Colony Creek to everyone of any skill level. With the use of Trackman 4, we can see real-time data to help you improve faster. Give me a call today.

Aaron Speaker, PGA Head Golf Professional
The Club at Colony Creek

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